Michael Shea Loving Kindness

May basic goodness dawn
May the confidence of goodness be eternal
May goodness be all victorious
May that goodness bring profound, brilliant glory

This is a supplication chanted every morning in the Shambala lineage that I am part of.  Over the past week, I have spoken with many people, health professionals and mental health professionals about the emotional challenges faced by many people.  One common theme is a rather deep sense of fear leading to an edge of despair. So first of all it is important to point out that these are important and basic human emotions.  So the feelings and emotions we are having (I include myself) are basically good and an expression of our humanity.  I also believe that they are an expression of a deep sense of caring which is the foundation of compassion.  I just finished writing an article on caring which I think some of you might enjoy reading.  CLICK HERE to read.

I would like to propose three ways in which we can all work with the current state of our mind, feelings and emotions.  We must turn inward and stabilize our mind in order to see clearly what is necessary for our own inner healing first.  One of my favorite Buddhist publications called Tricycle sent out a care package of articles last week reflecting this necessity of inner peace and inner stability.  Of course, I like Pema Chodron the most and here she is. CLICK HERE to read.

Secondly, it is important to take care of our loved ones and especially our children who may be confused by all of the emotionality and energy of the moment.  I, myself am doing some deep bonding with my wife as we are simply spending more time holding each other and allowing our breathing and hearts to synchronize and settle together.  Of course, we have always loved to do this, but especially now.

Thirdly, I would like to point out some important research from the University of Michigan.  Pregnant women who experience racism or fear of racism are more prone to have babies with birth defects and other long term health problems.  It is extremely important that all of us find time to help these mothers whether it be in low income communities or ethnic communities to reduce their fear and anxiety. The promotion of social events and connection through churches, community centers or even your own personal initiative to form community groups to share food and stories is vital at this moment, if not all other moments as well.

I went to the ocean last week and created 5 new meditation videos relating to the fluid body.  Because I have talked to many people who have had a strong activation of their PTSD symptoms, it is also important to spend time in nature so the nervous system and heart have a much larger space to heal. Here are the links to the You-Tube videos.

Fluid Body 1
Fluid Body 2
Fluid Body 3
Fluid Body 4
Fluid Body 5

Finally, I recommend the following prayer of loving kindness be memorized and used repeatedly both verbally and nonverbally:

May all people be safe and protected
May all people be healthy in body and mind
May all people be happy
May all people live with ease and in peace


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